Our Goddess is
the first source and the final
destination of all things. In Her is all
form and all beauty. Although universally
present, She is best perceived in the edges
and the interspaces. She is magic itself,
and is Queen of witches, protectress
of children and matron of
the dead.


Our God lives and moves with us and amongst
us. He is the force of change, the
shock of awakening, the power
of realisation. He is
the God who
joys and
sorrows of the
Wicca follow the fortunes
of our God. His life is ours and
our lives are his; he is the Lord of the Dance.


Far from being archetypal symbols or psychological metaphors, our Gods are quite real. In all ages they have revealed themselves to their hidden children, leading us to live with grace, truth, wisdom, power and beauty. Although built through human labours, the Craft is their creation.