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Beauty in diversity

We would like to see more original work on the internet relating to Wicca, magic and Paganism. There are thousands of websites that regurgitate very basic information, often without any critical editing to ensure that it's coherent or sensible. We urge anyone who wants to set up a Pagan website to attempt to create something new. Creating a new thing is one of the most magical acts we can perform; it is an invaluable technique for learning and transformation; it ties us more strongly to our muse; and it builds the diversity of our tradition, strengthening and enlivening it.

There is also value in preserving and publishing things that are obscure and not easily attainable (not, however if they are meant to remain secret). If this website were to disappear, for instance, and after a few years the material hadn't reappeared in any form, we would be happy for anyone to reproduce anything they thought was valuable, with proper attribution.

Create much, destroy little.